WFCS Home Page

Wang Fat Ching She is a Chinese Buddhist monastery operated by the charity Tung Lin Kok Yuen. It hosts the Buddhistdoor website and affiliated media platforms, and serves the Hong Kong community by hosting a considerable number of Buddhist and cultural activities. From scriptural gatherings and tai chi lessons to meditation and calligraphy classes, WFCS provides an ideal environment to work towards the attainment of wisdom and awakening.

Founded in 1938, WFCS was brought under Tung Lin Kok Yuen's wing in 1960 and has been part of Lady Clara Hotung's legacy ever since. It has a considerable range of facilities for visitors and staff, including offices, a multimedia library and studio, classrooms, lodges for accommodation and, of course, Dharma halls for Buddhist practice. 

WFCS offers a unique and excellent environment for Buddhist learning. It is conveniently located on a high hill opposite the Belvedere Garden residential complex in Tsuen Wan. We are easily accessible by public transport and despite its proximity to town life, the temple offers a serene, country park environment.